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Global Apparel Sourcing Industry braces for impact in Apparel supply chains due to Coronavirus epidemic

Global Apparel Sourcing Industry braces for impact in Apparel supply chains due to Coronavirus epidemic

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New York, NY -- 02/26/2020 -- With the Global Covid-19 scenario getting more serious due to the outbreak, it has already severely disrupted Apparel supply chains due to the shutdown in China and also put the Apparel manufacturing countries like Myanmar in jeopardy whose Garment manufacturers are on the verge of collapse.

Apparel buyers are seeking alternatives to Chinese suppliers and trying to connect with Apparel manufacturers of other countries in Asia and Africa. While Apparel manufacturing nations like Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and even some African nations like Morocco are gearing up to capture market opportunity created due to the shutdown in China, search to find ideal new suppliers in other countries has become an impeding challenge for buyers.

With flights canceled, strict travel restrictions in place to contain Covid-19 from spreading further, almost all buyers having canceled their International travel plans so the only way to identify and connect with Global Apparel manufacturers from countries other than China thus remains in B2B Online Sourcing platforms and one of such leading high-quality platform is

Unlike other B2B Sourcing platforms that cater to an unfocused audience showcasing Multiple business sectors, - the Worldwide Online B2B Networking and Sourcing platform, is exclusively focused on the Global Textile & Apparel Sourcing sector.

An Apparel Buyer’s instant access to Apparel factories or manufacturer's information online in other regions of the world on GoSourcing365 makes it easier for buyers to see, compare and connect with worldwide Apparel suppliers. 

Today more than half of the Global Apparel Sourcing buyers conduct their research on their computers or smartphones looking for Apparel manufacturers worldwide, reading about their products, comparing and interacting with the manufacturers online. And with the current world coronavirus scenario, the online research of buyers looking for manufacturers is seeing newer heights.

Our busy lifestyles mean that many of these activities take place on the go, between jobs or in meetings. An advanced B2B Apparel Sourcing Platform like GoSourcing365 is optimized for a high-quality experience for the buyers to see Verified Manufacturers, study their products and production capacities, compare them on GoSourcing365’s Online platform, shortlist manufacturers as per their requirement and then network with them from their free account.

On GoSourcing365, an Apparel buyer can also research Fabric & Accessory suppliers so they can even nominate selected suppliers to their Apparel Manufacturer, thus ensuring the right quality.

An Online Platform like GoSourcing365 tremendously saves an Apparel buyer with a lot of time, effort and money as with the ongoing global scenario, they now do not have to travel internationally and visit hundreds of factories or look for references scrutinizing for the right Apparel factory or manufacturer.

GoSourcing365 – an Apparel Sourcing website and a B2B Online Networking and Sourcing Platform for the Global Textiles & Apparel sector, makes Networking easy between Apparel Sourcing Buyers and Verified Apparel manufacturers fast, no matter where they are located around the world.

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