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    MHC Apparels (Pvt.) Ltd. and MHC Wears (Pvt.) Ltd. are individually a private limited company established as a 100% export oriented ready-made garments factory located at ‘DHAKA’ the capital city of Bangladesh and ‘GAZIPUR’ district in Bangladesh respectively.
    Since the inauguration of the respective factory operation, the companies have been successful in obtained/obtaining orders from and delivered/delivering timely to renowned US, Canada and European buyers including Ash City/Alphabroder, Auchan, October 4, Didrikson, Trew Gear, Cotopaxi, etc.
    Both the factories above independently, have established its respective reputation as one of the factories that strictly adheres to its commitment towards the quality and on-time delivery of goods within the agreed scheduled with the buyers.
    The Factory facilities include all relevant local and international Environment, Health and Safety measures installed on-site. Moreover, the company is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standard in dealing with its workforce by strictly following all applicable laws, regulations, rules and guidelines regarding ensuring human rights, equal opportunity employment etc.
    In 2012, MHC has added the “SEW FREE” and “SEAM SEALING” technologies with the facilities to meet the customer’s demand for waterproof technical outwear products.
    Recently, MHC Apparels (Pvt.) Ltd. is under processing to shift, to its own premise at Vanna Haiti, Shreepur, Gazipur in the area of 3.064 Acres for which necessary works have already been started with large-scale, volume and facilities involving with 32 lines with a target to start its operation by April 2016. The factory new premise is projected with 6 separate buildings (about 305,000 Sqft) in maintaining the safety distances from one building to another as below under the full compliance of present world demands.

    Categories: Work Wear/ Apparel/ Trousers & Pants/ Skirts/ Shorts/ Safety Work Wear/ Jacket/ Active Wear/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number(s): +88 02 8815530;

    Country: Bangladesh

    Year of Company Establishment: NA

    Production Capacity Per Month: NA

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: NA

    Delivery Lead Time: NA

    Product Detail:

    Water Proof Technical Items:
    Jackets (3Layer, 2Layer, Padded, Non-Padded etc), Pants (3Layer, 2Layer, Padded, Non-Padded etc), Bib Pants, Anorak, Rain Coat.
    Non Waterproof Items:
    Jackets (3Layer, 2Layer, Padded, Non-Padded, Fleece, Soft Shell etc), Vests (3Layer, 2Layer, Padded, Non-Padded etc), Pants (2Layer, Padded, Non-Padded etc), Shorts (Canvas, Twill, Satin etc), Bib Pants, Skirts (Twill, Stretched twill, Polyester, Canvas etc)
    Washed Items:
    Long Pants, Short Pants, Skirts

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