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    Mission & Vision:

    At Gramtech Knit Dyeing Finishing & Garments Industries Ltd. our endeavour is to ensure fine quality knit product along with optimum standard in every activity we are involved in. Our mission is to develop and to promote our readymade apparel sector to the whole world. We intended to meet our customers need through manufacturing and supplying quality products. We are also committed to creating more job opportunities in the country by ensuring a good workplace environment.

    Production Capacity:

    We have 36 Production Lines and 2144 dedicated Employees. Our production capacity is 2,100,000 Pcs. Per month. Major Customers: NEWYORKER (GERMANY), NEXT (UK), BHS (UK), COLIN’S (TURKEY), KAPPA (GERMANY), JEANS FRITZ (GERMANY) etc. Design & Development: Not only we provide the best sampling but also we provide a cost-effective design solution for our valued customers. Following the current season’s forecast from WGSN and major fashion fairs; we make two collections a year to support our customer’s product range. 

    Social Audit Team:

    We have a strong compliance control team whose job is to coach the factory’s management to feel motivated to maintain the entire minimum compliance requirement as per the law of the land and minimum requirement from the buyers. Quality Assurance: Our focus is on quality rather than quantity. We are committed to producing at the highest level and never compromised quality. We ensure strict quality control measures where each product has to go through a series of thorough scrutiny. BSCI Certified: We follow the ILO convention ratified by Bangladesh Govt., national labour laws and all global compliance requirements (SA8000, BSCI, WRAP) as the benchmark for all the compliance standards. So, as a follower, our responsibility is to make sure the entire production place whereby we get our goods produced do maintains all the ethical trade standards.

    Categories: Apparel/ Trousers & Pants/ Tank Top/ T-Shirts/ Skirts/ Jacket/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number(s): +88 02 8923220;

    Country: Bangladesh

    Year of Company Establishment: NA

    Production Capacity Per Month: 2,100,000 Pcs

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: NA

    Delivery Lead Time: NA

    Product Detail:

    From toddler to adult, we do every category of knit items. T-shirts, Tank Tops, Fleece Jackets, Knit Trousers, Skirts etc.

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