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    Amazing Fashions Ltd is a 100% Export oriented Knitting garments producer operated by it’s Managing Director Mr A.L.M Ziaul Hoque with the assistance of the following departmental people, who works as a team. These team details are as follows: 

    Merchandising: a group of 20 team members are working on sourcing and production management for different buyers.
    Industrial Engineering: Eight (8) team members just recruited, dedicatedly working for the process development, work study & production planning.
    Quality Assurance: We have an expert quality assurance team, who are engaged to ensure the quality of garments from raw materials sourcing to final product delivery. 
    Sampling: This team is working sample production as per the quality requirement of the customer, and providing technical support to the people of bulk production. 
    Design, MIS, IT: Working for CAD design and technological support for taking updated technological in the development of new product. 
    Commercial & A/C: These teams also perform their respective duties properly as per our requirement. 
    Main Export Market: Currently we are exporting 90% in Europe and 10% in the US and others market.

    Categories: Womens Wear/ Mens Wear/ Apparel/ Kids Wear/ Polo Shirt/ T-Shirts/ Trousers & Pants/ Tank Top/ Skirts/ Garments/ Jacket/ Shorts/ Sleep wear/ Pyjama Sets/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number: +88 02 9293661

    Country: Bangladesh

    Year of Company Establishment: NA

    Production Capacity Per Month: 1 Million Pcs

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: NA

    Delivery Lead Time: NA

    Product Detail:

    Main Product Line: All types of knit item for Men’s, Ladies, Young Fashions & Kids
    Men’s Wear: Boy’s Polo T-Shirt & T-Shirt, Jacket, and others knitwear, Men’s Terry Sweat/Jacket, Men’s Fleece Jacket & Pant
    Women’s/Ladies Wear: Night Dress, Tank Top, Trouser, etc. Ladies Skirt Allover Print, Ladies L/Slv Jacket, Ladies Pant Allover Print, Ladies L/Slv Jacket, Ladies S/Slv T-Shirt, Ladies S/Slv T-Shirt with Lace, Ladies Tank Top with Lace, Ladies L/Slv T-Shirt with Ston,
    Ladies PJ Set, Ladies Top, Ladies L/Slv Polo-Shirt with Cool Dye.

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